Watch – At Home with Jack Reading!

What does it take to be one of the fastest downhillers on the planet?

We talk to Jack Reading and his dad in the lead up to this race season to find out how Jack balanced his education and sporting goals throughout his life and how he’s got to where he is today through hard work and commitment.

Jack came to us last year and fully immersed himself in our training program and we’ve given him the same support any of our subscribers get. We aren’t PT’s, Trainers or on-bike coaches that offer a program on the side to make a quick dollar. This is our only thing and we take it very seriously. You wouldn’t hire a tennis coach who also coaches golf, would you? Our dedication means we can take the time needed to produce and deliver the best training for off-road bike sports athletes available. And better yet, at a price that is impossible to match for the service we provide.

If you are considering a Fit4Racing program you can follow the exact one Jack and our other pros are following, all of which can be done from day 1 at your local gym. We film each and every workout and movement so you know exactly how to stay safe and get the best form the program. You can access the workouts directly on the website as soon as you sign and tests are sent to your email. Sign up with no contracts and see how great Fit4Racing can be for you.

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