The Weapon of Choice – All Terrain Cycles

All Terrain Cycles are here to showcase their 2013 team DH bike and some of their riders in action.

“Well it’s that time of the year again! Our new 2013 team bikes have landed and for the second year running we are pleased to present the Giant Glory 00 Team Terrain Bikes in all their Shiny Glory (no pun intended)!

Watch our Head mechanic, Ben Wood, build one of these bikes in a matter of minutes thanks to the wonders of time lapse video, and then see what happens when two of our team riders get their Grubby paws on there new race rigs!

With thanks to Jed Whitfield & Simon Cheung for the riding segments of this video & Tom Towers for Helping with the filming, I’m sure our 2013 follow up to “Birth of a Glory” Wont Disappoint!”

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