E-bike Trials Anyone?

We’re happy to admit that we like e-bikes. We get that they aren’t for everybody and that the purists will say they shouldn’t share the same hallowed ground as a ‘proper’ mountain bike. But they have opened up the mountain bike world to people who ordinarily wouldn’t consider riding and for importantly have enabled people who have health issues to be outside riding a bike and sharing the same joy that so many of us get from mountain biking.

More people on bikes is a good thing. E-bikes enable more people to be on bikes therefore e-bikes are a good thing.

Toni Bou has been messing around on an e-bike a lot this year

Beyond those benefits e-bikes are also opening up the world a little more for existing mountain bikers. Adding another dimension to your riding capabilities – whether that be doing those big climbs that would normally finish you and your ride off or offering a little bit of boost to make trails that would often leave you feeling a bit ‘meh’ a little bit ‘yeh boyyy!’. Regardless, whenever we’ve thrown a leg over them we’ve had a blast.

Tom Cardy has been demonstrating what you can do on an e-bike as a trials-bike novice

We’ve definitely seen a fair increase of pro-riders turning out edits that feature e-bikes and particularly we’ve seen plenty of riders now dabbling in a bit of trials riding on E-mountain bikes. Motorbike trials or bike trials: we love it. The skill sets involved are mind-blowing and lend themselves to all sorts of riding and pretty much anything can be turned into a trials bike playground, big or small.

An e-bike just makes Trials a little bit more interesting. Having that little bit of power in the rear wheel combined with a full suspension set-up really brings trials riding alive and makes it that little bit easier and fun for the novice. It opens up the trials world a little bit further again.

Joe Smith recently put out the below vid showing just how much fun jumping on the e-bike and trialling it is –

Even motorbike trials god Toni Bou and other World Championship riders have been dabbling on the e-mountain bike –

Tom Cardy trials riding his e-bike –

So does the meer mention of e-bikes leave you cold or can you see potential for them? Could e-bikes combined with a discipline like trials bring a whole new dimension to the sport and expand the already wild creativity we see from top trials pro’s?

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