Rhino Goo Bike Cleaner – Review

Not all bike cleaners are equal. We got our hands on some Rhino Goo to find out why.

IMG_4561 copy
Fast Action Cleaner and Rhino Shine in 1 Litre guise.


Washing up liquid and warm water in a bowl is definitely cheap but it shouldn’t be the default go-to cleaner, particularly when you’ve shelled out a few grand on a bike. The very idea that you’d use 35p value washing up liquid on your pride and joy makes us shudder. Beyond that it would be reasonable to assume that using a bike cleaning specific product is the way to go. Well, it’s almost certainly a step-up from kitchen cupboard products but actually, not all bike cleaners are equal and some, when it comes to both cleaning and protecting your bike, should be the products you reach for first. Given the years of Moto experience and product knowledge Rhino Goo should be those very cleaning products you should be using on your trusty steed. Here’s why…

“Quite a lot of people know of us already. What you may not however know is that Rhino Goo was created as a direct response to the negative comments that were being made of a large number of bike cleaners on the market mostly in reference to actually causing damage by ‘drying out’ components such as bearings and chains as well as tarnishing aluminium. This is a direct result of some cleaners having PH values higher than vinegar. Thats something to think about.
Rhino Goo contains no degreasers, is harmless to your bike and ultra low in PH. Creating a product this effective but without using degreasing agents was no small feat. You can read what others think on the review section of our site including some back to back testing. It was very important right from the start to create a product that wasn’t harmful to the environment and we’re pleased to be able to say that our Fast Action Cleaner meets the guidelines for use on inland waterways so also makes an excellent and safe boat cleaner!
If you have anything to do with motocross, you’ve definitely already heard about us. Five years ago, Rhino Goo was unheard of in the UK but over this time has risen to market leader in non aggressive effective bike cleaners. Rhino Goo is manufactured in the UK to very high and exacting standard. Our research chemists are the finest people in the industry and our products are totally bio degradable”

IMG_3550 copy
We’ve been lucky this year and avoided the mud. Plenty of dusty trails to roost though.


Rhino Goo Fast Action Cleaner

• Powerful Cleaning Solution
• Safe On Aluminium, Rubber, Paintwork, Carbon Fibre
• Bio Degradable
• Non Irritant
RRP – 1 litre £6.43 5 litres £24.73

Rhino Shine

• Showroom Shine With Little Effort
• Silicone Based Product
• Can Be Used On Suspension Components For Silky Smooth Movement
• Bio Degradable
RRP – 1 Litre £10.99

So, we got our hands on some of Rhino Goo’s Fast Action Cleaner and Rhino Shine. The Fast Action Cleaner does exactly what it says – It cleans and fast. Hose down your bike, spray on some cleaner, leave for a few mins and brush off. We’ve used plenty of cleaners in our time of riding bikes and it’s fair to say most do the job of getting the dirt and grime off. Few, however, really remove the very worst without some serious amounts of scrubbing and agitation, so we were pretty surprised that Rhino Goo, with little more than a wipe with a sponge, actually removed the really nasty brake dust around the white fork legs. Likewise it effortlessly enabled the build up of oily gunk around the chain ring and chain guide to just fall away.

IMG_1738 copy
Believe it or not these brakes are well used. We were particularly impressed at just how effective the cleaner was at removing usually stubborn brake dust build up. Looking good as new now.


The Rhino shine also gave the bike a real shimmer that it hadn’t had since I pulled the frame out of the box for the first time. Again, super easy to use and genuinely effective. Obviously you need to keep this stuff away from your brakes but that goes for any polishing substance. We were pleasantly surprised by the generally neutral smell of the cleaner as well. Often with some cleaners the smell of the stuff gives the impression it could melt a hole in the world so spraying it on plastics and carbon is not something we jump at the opportunity to do. Likewise some are masked with bizarre fruity scents to give the impression you are simply cleaning your bike with nothing more than the wholesome goodness of apple.

IMG_4557 copy
Happily Rhino Goo and the plant life can live in perfect harmony


Clearly Rhino Goo know their stuff and they have been careful to ensure that nothing nasty goes into their product that could damage expensive bike components. It’s good to see a company taking their product so seriously and one that is often so overlooked by consumers. We’re sold on Rhino Goo, it will definitely be present in the trusty tool box.




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