Review – Little Rider Co. Jerseys

Where previously they have been overlooked, the cycling industry is waking up to the fact that the very young want to rider proper bikes. Proper full-on downhill and trail weapons, not the usual supermarket and Halfords specials.

Funny then that the cycling gear industry seems to be behind the curve and very little is out there, in terms of race wear, for the really young taking their first steps into the two wheeled world.

Step forward the Little Rider Company. A young operation with the young in mind. To quote their own website

“Little Rider Co are on a mission to bring your ‘Little Riders’ high quality bike jerseys, apparel and gear. From balance bikes to BMX and Mini X, we are focused on building a brand dedicated to children ages 1-5 who are obsessed with their 2 wheels!”

Bold Graphics, bold colours. Perfect for the nippers.

So we were pretty stoked to get a sample of their kids jerseys to try out. Make no mistake their jerseys are the real deal – Shrunk down adult race jerseys, made from 100% Lightweight Polyester with bold, bright and on-trend graphics. Sizing has clearly been well thought out with growing and devloping frames. Currently sizes are available for 2 – 5 years and they also do a range of adult casual wear, perfect for proud parents.

Little Rider Co will soon be extending their age range up to 8 years old!

We’re really impressed with the quality of the jerseys and it’s clear that corners haven’t been cut because they’re ‘only for kids’. These are the real deal – proper jerseys for our future boundary pushers!

Check out their website for the full range of kit available and to order. As a bonus if you enter the code rideio10 on checkout you’ll get a lovely discount!!

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