Green Oil Range – First Look

Mild winter so far. Problem with mild winters is that instead of crisp icy mornings and frozen trails we get rain which gives us mud which gifts us the thankless task of cleaning bikes. Thank goodness for Green Oil then

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It’s been raining over the local hills recently. It’s been raining a lot. This means those glorious dusty trails now resemble a 5 years old’s mud kitchen and riders come home looking like Arnie in the final fight scene of Predator. Good job the mighty fine team over at Green Oil have sent us some of their re-vamped range to clean up the mighty steed (pity they don’t make bodywash too…)

You might remember Simon Nash, the MD and occasional bottle filler at Green Oil. He was on that Dragons Den programme with a mission to displace petrochemical and PTFE products from the bike market. Yes folk, this is a man and a company wanting to save your bike and the world as well.

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In our package where a fine selection of products with clean new descriptive packaging so that even simpletons can work out how to use each magical liquid.
First off there is the Wet Chain Lube. This is where the company started and it is still their flagship product which ensures smooth running even when it is wetter than and otter’s pocket.
100ml £5.99

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Sticking with the chain, we also got some of lovely Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly. This is possibly the thickets degreaser you will find and means that you don’t have to take the chain off for a good clean.
100ml £3.99

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No bike cleaning bucket would be complete without a big squirty bottle of Bike Cleaner. Green Oil have been awfully clever and chosen to supply the bottle with concentrated biodegradable formula. This means less weight and ultimately a smaller carbon footprint (these guys are good and what they do).
1litre £7.99

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To give the Bike Cleaner a helping hand, we also got sent a very solid Ergonomic Drive Chain and Bicycle Brush. Not your cheap plastic affair, this is designed to last through many a mucky winter ride with super long bristles to get into all those weird mud loving spaces.

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The last thing in the package was a bit of a surprise in the shape of possibly the greenest bike product available. A plant based, recycled, compostable and fairly traded ecosponge! Get it wet, squirt it with the bike cleaner and foam away.

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Clearly this range of goodness is going to get some serious testing over this winter and we will let you know how it all worked out. So far we can say it works well and smells lovely!


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