DMR Wrath – First Look

DMR Bikes need no elaborate introduction to their brand. Since 1995 they have been at the forefront of hardtail wizardry and continue that to this day along with a snazzy line of components and even a full suspension bike.

So what is this Wrath? The new Wrath is a pump track orientated bike based on BMX race bike geometry to send you pumping round at record speed, it won’t be out of its comfort zone at the skate park or your local trails either. The Wrath is available in two colours and either 24 or 26” wheels for your own taste and ride. It’s built super tough, based around a cro-mo frame with heat-treated down tube and componentry to match.

This isn’t something that has just been picked from a Taiwanese catalogue though, far from it. DMR Bikes rider (& brand manager) Olly Wilkins has been working on this project for quite some time to dial in some geometry for both the 24” and 26” bikes creating something that should out pump most machines at your local pump track.

Although you won’t see all the normal DMR components over the bike (it would cost loads more with that) you do still see componentry, which has be born through the thinking of their more high-end kit. The 3pc cromo crank set will stay strong along with the DMR wing bar style 80mm rise bars and stem with some nice BMX type grips and basic light weight flat pedals as the main contact points.

The Wrath comes equipped with a rear cable disc brake, which is easy to maintain and performs well. In the box you will also find a basic front caliper brake, but that’s there mainly to fit the UK cycle sale laws.

Seating isn’t needed in the same way for this style bike, so with a slammed post the plastic seat sits super low for extra control over the bike with the latest DMR logo stamped on. The graphics and colour ways look good throughout the bike with colour matching and a far-out sticker kit.

The wheels on the bike are well built and feel like they will take a beating, they are still running true after some iffy landings. Wrapped around these is a nice set of proven and much loved DMR Supermoto tyres, which are some of the best for street, trails and pump track riding.

After taking this round the local pump track, railing the BMX track and even using the bike for a little commute it’s fair to say it rides in a manner quite differently to many hardtails out there. Oozing fun off every bump, railing every tight turn and boosting for air it’s lively in its ride and makes hitting the pump track as enjoyable as being on a more expensive steed. DMR are not hiding behind the hype and price tag here though, this is an affordable bike with a basic frame set and components which is highlighted in it’s weight. Having said that, we really don’t think you can find a better hardtail for the money that is going to take a beating and carry on pumping around for you. If you are in the need of another bike to that ever-extending collection, this is on the game for a non bank-breaking extra ride in the stable. In all, this bike makes the perfect entry level/beginner’s DJ style of mountain bike. More bikes like this on the market would be a great thing.

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So if you win, what happens? Well first up you will be very happy that you have landed yourself a new ride before spending some time to choose the colour and wheel size of the Wrath you want. Next up is getting the bike. You will be invited by DMR Bikes and to come down to the London bike show (tickets provided), pick up the bike and ride the DMR Pump Track Challenge with Olly Wilkins! Enter Now!

Visit the new DMR Bikes website at

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