English Champs Preview – Moelfre

Mike and the Borderlines team have a treat in store, especially for the Ladies. Get racing!

Hi Everyone,

When I started out organising events in 2008 I had a bit of a motto / slogan / aim – whatever you want to call it…. That was ‘taking a fresh look at downhill racing’  I’m confident that what you will see us doing here is just that and going that bit extra at regional events!

Many of you will be aware (Or I hope so) that over the weekend of 13/14th October Borderline Events will be hosting ‘Bikeworks 2’  As the English Champs this is the opportunity for any BC licence holding English rider to fight for that prized status of English Champion in their given category  (Yes, we know it’s in Wales but nearly in England and we all know Moelfre is a great venue!)

As well as all the usual expectations over the weekend like Bar, Music, Bonfire, 2 podiums, double points etc we have something new for 2012!  We’re offering extra support across the board to those that want it.  If you don’t and just want to get entered then you can skip reading below and head right to www.borderline-events.co.uk and enter right now!

In 2011 headed up by Fionn Griffiths and Emmeline Ragot we had the Moelfre Milestone.  This was about attracting female riders to come and try racing!  (Boys…. If you have a girlfriend, wife, sister, parent or just a mate that’s a girl and you reckon she’d be up for this then let her know – it’s about spreading the word!  Moelfre is the perfect place to start racing!)

Once again this year the girls from will be in attendance with Aimee Dix heading up the girl camp.  We already have 14 girlsentered and our target is 25!  The UK record so I’m told is 21 so if you’re female and would like to try racing, maybe haven’t done it for a while or are a hardened racer and would like to support the newbies then get yourself booked onto this weekend and show your support!  The Girlmtnbiker team will look after you throughout the weekend (if you so wish) and provide a base the girls can call their own.  All the info for this is on their website.  www.girlmtnbiker.com   Or to just get entered go to www.borderline-events.co.uk and follow the links.


Some of you may ask – why do the girls get all this special treatment?  What about the boys?  Well lads…. just for you……

We have Team CRC / Nukeproof on hand all weekend to look after a lucky few riders.  We have recruited Nigel Page, Matt Simmonds, Al Bond and Joe Smith to provide support and advice over the weekend.  Whether you’re a juvenile that’s never raced, a veteran that’s never raced, just starting out or just struggling a little and whatever your category then this is for you.  It’s aimed at the more beginner / new end so if you’re a regular on the podium it’s probably not for you but will suit anyone.

Team Manager Nigel Page says…….

As a professional World Cup race team that travels and races around the globe, we are all still very aware of the grass roots races where we all started. Between us all on the team, we have many years of racing experience and it is great to be able to pass on some of our knowledge and experience to new racers that may one day be racing on the World Cup circuit as we do!With a busy world cup schedule, we just don’t get time to do all the great events that happen domestically in the UK. But as our races have finished now we have the time to come along to this event Mike at Borderline Events is putting on at Moelfre, so we all hope to see you there!


What’s the charge for this additional service you ask?  £0!   Not a penny….. So if you want to get involved (and there is limited spaces for the boys) then email me at: mike@borderline-events.co.uk and reserve your spot.  First you need to get entered… head to this site and follow  www.borderline-events.co.uk


I’m looking forward to Moelfre and seeing lots of familiar and hopefully lots of unfamiliar faces!  Remember – if you’re struggling with anything, have any questions – really anything at all drop me a mail to mike@borderline-events.co.uk and I’ll help the best I can.


Mike Marsden

Race Director

Borderline Events

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