CORE- ZOMBIES!!! Silverfish 20th anniversary edition Mondraker Foxy

 Mondraker Foxy XR-20th anniversary edition

Silverfish are celebrating their 20th birthday and they had something very special at the show –

Mondraker Foxy Core 19

Now Mondraker Foxy’s are stunning on any normal day. But this one was dribbled with only the finest products and an absolute killer custom paint job.Mondraker Foxy Core 19

Check out the Silverfish zombies and monsters. Soooo much attention to detail!Mondraker Foxy Core 19

Custom SDG saddle. #deadgoodbikepartsMondraker Foxy Core 19

Even the Race Face Next wheels were treated to some custom zombie graphics. Mondraker Foxy Core 19Rumour has it that Raul from Silverfish used to be part of the world famous Goldie Lookin Chain rap band. His biggest claim to fame was that he co-wrote the smash hit “your mothers got a penis”  The gold SRAM Eagle drive terrain was a tribute to his past. #fakenewsA “normal” Mondraker Foxy. Sleek with one purpose- going fast!

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