Watch – Remy Metailler Ride All the Lines of the Proving Grounds Rampage Qualifier

This weekend I competed at the first ever Red Bull Rampage Qualifier in Oregon: Proving Ground. The idea was to find the top 3 riders in the world to join the 18 other athletes of Rampage.

Kyle J, as well as the other builders created an amazing course. Big drops, large jumps, massive berms. Ideal to have fun. Obviously it’s not very free-ride as everything from the top to the bottom was man made and the venue was pretty flat, but it was a ton of fun to ride. The corners and the dirt was not well packed to make it harder for riders to tricks and the landings where a bit small so we had to be very precise.

I rode all the different lines and made a little edit of it so you can see better how a top to bottom at Proving Grounds looks like.

Despite not being super freeride it was a great experience, can’t wait for next year!

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