Wild Junior & Guy’s Comeback for Team Ride It Out at Andorra World Cup

Team Ride it Out has been busy hustling at it in the blistering heat and dust of Andorra World Cup. After a 2 year break from racing, this was Guy’s come race. Welcome back to the World Cups mate!

Guy has only been back on his bike for 2 weeks, due to a broken thumb in April. Talk about diving straight into the deep end. What a track to come back on as well!

Guy Gibbs racing Andorra WOrld Cup for team Ride It OUt

Here’s what Guy had to say of his Race weekend.
I was excited for Andorra having raced my first World Cup there in 2013 and squeezing into the finals in 78th position in qualifying as it was in the days when top 80 qualifiers made it to the finals.
Trackwalk showed that the track had not changed much since its debut in 2013 apart from the development of waist deep ruts, exposed roots and big holes having been formed following 5 years of punishment in the form of rain and World Cup riders.

Conditions this time, however, were very different. Hot and dusty were the words of the weekend leaving berms filled with holes and photographers looking like they have just had a fake tan.
The track was epic: Fast, steep and left my hands rough, forearms and legs pumped and aching. A mix of roots, ruts, berms and jumps meant that this track had it all and was a lot of fun to ride.

Guy Gibbs racing Andorra WOrld Cup for team Ride It OUt

Qualifications didn’t go quite as planned for me landing myself in 92nd place. My cautious but clean run left me 10seconds back off the last qualifier and hungry for another chance to prove myself.
All in all, it was a good weekend. Riding an amazing track, catching up with old friends from the World Cup circuit and being surrounded by the immense mountains of Andorra. Next stop: Les Gets!

Our flat our Junior Jim Morno was frothing at the steep turns of Andorra.

jim Monro s racing Andorra WOrld Cup for team Ride It OUt

Here’s what Jim had to say-

Andorra for me was an amazing experience which really opened my eyes up to racing abroad. Being my second time riding in a different country, getting used to 30 degree plus temperatures and dust that seemed like you were riding on a beach. It became quite hard to adapt and I struggled with getting my bike setup over the little practice we have as Juniors.

jim Monro s racing Andorra WOrld Cup for team Ride It OUt

The track was awesome, flat out at the top and then rough and steep as at the bottom, if you were within 20 meters of the rider in front then you couldn’t see anything. Haha!

jim Monro s racing Andorra WOrld Cup for team Ride It OUt

Qualis didn’t go too well, I had a mechanical issue and struggled with the wild conditions. But I’ve learnt a lot from it and watching the final elite men was an awesome experience. Just a shame I wasn’t riding in the finals Sunday!! Now we’ve just got to Les Gets and just had two awesome days riding all around Morzine with Guy Gibbs and Will Hart. Primed and ready for the World Cup again this weekend. I’m living it up at the moment!!

The boys are now headed to Les Gets to Race the next round of the World Cup. We are stoked to say that WIll Hart will be joining them. Expect wild crowds and some flat out racing!

In other team news-

Emyr Davies has a huge Kankle with severe ligament damage. After some healing with Electromagnets from sports injury genius Ian Dixon, he will hopefully be back on form in 3 weeks time for the Ard Rock Enduro.


Dan Tay’s broken his wrist, but is hoping for a quick recovery. With the help of again Ian Dixon’s healing lasers and magnets he reckons he will be back for National Champs. A 4-week recovery, what a boy!


Louis Meade is loving life out in Morzine with the G-up gang! If this doesn’t make you want to ride then sell your bike!


Tune in next week to see how the boys get on in Les Gets World Cup!!!

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