Stories – The Adventures of One

Laurence Crossman-Emms is, in my eyes, one of the finest photographers in the game. His photos  have a “pop” that I dream of creating and his innovations knows no bounds.

Many of you will have seen Loz’s work before. Remember the photo of Santa hitting a road gap over a christmas tree while other Santa was drinking Baileys by the fire? Yeah, that was his work – hours of set up, wrapping presents, lugging generators about, clearing snow off the jumps and generally getting creative.

That pretty much sums up Loz’s work – dedicated to getting not just the shot, but a different shot, something that makes you wonder.

He’s worked for such diverse clients as Teva, Mercedes Vito Sport, Atherton Racing and Calypso Soft Drinks, and had his snaps published across the European bike mag market and all over the web. I’ll leave it to Loz to explain his latest scheme, but all I’ll say is it’ll be well worth liking him on facebook and keeping up with this one.

“Right, so about me I was asked to write, so about me I shall write. Born and raised with 4 fingers to each hand (and thumbs of course!) and two feet for standing which have kept me going now for a seemingly short time of 22 years; most of them have been with a camera in between my two palms, which is where it feels most comfortable.
“If its not a camera in my hands then its more than likely a set of bars, with which I spend most of my days cruising around the Welsh countryside, shredding brown pow, getting in with the local hipsters. It’s pixel capturing that has been able to bring both my two passions together; to explore boundaries and try to push limits of what can be secured onto this modern digital format.”

“Im always trying to look for ways to one up myself, look for new ideas and try different techniques and this is where Stories comes into it.

“I recently finished a project where I would post 1 photo a day for 1 year, and ironically called it 365 Days 365 Photos. This turned out to be a great success, so I just wanted to build on that success and fan base and bring back to the people (you guys) a photo album format in a modern and digital style but still giving the reader of sense of storytelling and adventure as they wander through the photos, getting an insight not only on the people and places I meet and visit, but into what I see and do in my day to day life.”
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