CORE- Crankbrothers take it up to 11


If your working for a trade show you have to talk to people a lot! Like from 9am to 5pm for 4 days straight! This is Hannah from Crankbrothers at near the end of day 2. I’m not sure what they said to her, but I like to think its something like a crappy dad joke that’s not funny. Either that or she’s had enough of reading MBUK and wants to go on for some real reviews and honest info.

The wheel you see on the wall is the new Crankbrothers Synthesis 11. Stiff but flexible carbon wheels – GAME CHANGER! The wheels are co-designed by the nice dude in the background with a beard – Jason Shears.

Crank Brothers Core 19
If you want to see him talk to us exclusively about the new technology in the wheelset –


Crankbrothers Samp 7 pedals, Top end flat pedals. Super grippy and they offer you a big and small platform for different feet size. No more pedal smashing stumps for small feet, and heaps of grip for big feet.  We can see some nice new colours for 2019 too, including pink!

Crank Brothers Core 19Then there’s the Stamp 11 flat pedal. The best way we can describe these stunners is in the number 11: like Spinal Tap once said “when we need that extra push off the cliff, you know what we do? Go to 11”

BLING! Titanium spindle, gold pins and Igus glide bearings (super long lasting and low friction bearings) 

Same goes for our favourite clip pedals The Mallet is available in super bling” Spinal Tap” 11 mode. Lightweight, trick looks and tough as nails.Crank Brothers Core 19 If you’d like to see more from Crankbrothers click their logo below-

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