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Author Topic: 2014 MIJ DOWNHILL EVENTS RACES PLEASE READ  (Read 2913 times)

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« on: Feb 28, 2014, 22:22 »
Hi all

Thanks for your support in 2013, we tried a new venue and idea at Aberystwyth, which went down really well and is back for 2014.


 We have been to Taff Buggy this morning and unfortunately the place is waterlogged.  We feel that it is too wet to run a race there next weekend as the track will be a bogfest, the camping area will be too wet for you and there is a danger that the paramedics will get stuck in mud and put racers wellbeing at risk.
 I addition to this, now that the calendar has been finally updated, there has been clashes of dates that would mean that you the racers will have to choose between venues on the same dates.
 So, we have taken the hard decision to postpone next weekends race and at the same time to rebook most our dates for 2014.
 New dates are... Taff Buggy

Round 1 is now April 12th & 13th,

Round 2 is now May 31st/June 1st,

Round 3 is now October 11th and 12th.

 Forest of Dean,

Round 1 is June 15th,

Round 2 is July 6th,

Round 3 is September 7th.

 Aberystwyth, Conquer the Cliff is May 24th.
 New Quay is 1st/2nd November.
 As we are supporting, Steve Peats Steel City in May and will also be at Antur Stiniog in July, we have worked around all other races in the UK.
 We hope you understand what we have had to do, as we will not risk your safety and want you to enjoy the racing, we had little choice.
 All racers will be transferred to the new dates.  Please email us at the address below if you require a refund.
 Best wishes MIJ xxx

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