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Author Topic: It's blue  (Read 2789 times)

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It's blue
« on: Jul 21, 2014, 11:32 »

Finally moved my life back from Morzine after what felt like an age of waiting. Now living in Scotland and hopefully recovered enough from an intense shoulder operation to put this bike through it's paces.

Not got a finished pic, just one I snapped when building it. Pedals are the new superstar ones with ti axles to save a little weight and I'm on the lookout for some lighter wheels but it feels on the light side of 40lb already. Not that weight matters too much with these as it's all low and central.
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Re: It's blue
« Reply #1 on: Jul 21, 2014, 15:35 »
That looks so tidy i'd almost think it was a scoot-along bike :D.


Tom L

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Re: It's blue
« Reply #2 on: Aug 01, 2014, 21:52 »
Looks good Al, I know you've been lusting a Zerode for a while! Surely a Ti spring in there to save some extra weight?!

Shame to hear you moved back from Morzine, was going to give you a shout this week! 
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