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Author Topic: Race report 10/6/12 Mr Bling Riverhill  (Read 3255 times)

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Race report 10/6/12 Mr Bling Riverhill
« on: Jun 11, 2012, 10:28 »
10/06/12 Chalk and Cheese – Mr Bling Summer Series Race 1 Riverhill

Sunday morning saw Mr Bling with a bigger smile than normal. Wadding through the grass for the morning track walk, Bling look like the proudest father outside of hospital holding his first born.

After a couple of weeks of internet hype on the new race track built at Riverhill it was clearly been built by what can only be described men who can move mountains, the track was all and more. To put this into perspective the old track was only good enough to be used as a push up and was like comparing chalk and cheese.

The track was completely new and had been crafted over the last month or so and had only had a few test runs on before Sunday’s race. This meant that all the races on Sunday had the same advantage and the same practice time which was a great leveller.

The track started from nearly the same place as the last race but from then on it was a completely new game. We turned right and headed down the hill with a couple of berms and a nice couple of warm up jumps and rhythm sections into the first of the signature parts of the track.  What was quicker left or right, left a four foot high, seven foot road gap or right, a low line speed bump over the road gap. If the photographer was there then high if not maybe low??

Couple more berms, then a nice tight set of S tern berms which either cost you speed and time or you managed to thread through and then onto the piece de la resistance or Bling’s baby. One of the steepest bits of track I have had to ride, the only thing I can compare it to is Moelfre in Wales when you drop down over the uplift track between the two hills.

It starts with a traverse across the side of the hill and leads to a crossroads in your riding career, left was glory, fame, sponsorship, cheers and a life of fulfilment. go right and in your heart you knew your would never make it as a racer.

Left went high and after 10m dropped between 4 and 6 foot into a super steep off camber bank and then quickly into a catch burm. Right and you had to go low and wiggle your way past tree trunks and apologies onto the off camber bank and onto the berm. BUT the fun was not over yet!!

As Fort William has the motorway which leads to the Tissot jump and then the final steep section rocks and jumps, Riverhill has its own salute/tribute. Super steep run in, road gap, rock garden, run out, big old dogleg step up and sprint to the finish.

Weather was dry, track was dry, racing was close.

Hard tails – Greg Blinch held off Kieran McQue in second and Peter Brooks in third place with three consistent runs getting faster all the time and finished with a 53.35

Juveniles – Good close race with less than two seconds between the top three. The win was taken by Scott Williams just beating Jonathan Mellett by 0.18 with Alfie Killner in third.

Youth – Finn Tennant (one to look out for in the future) must have had three weetabix that morning to take the win by 5.50 seconds from second place Rory Seekins, closely followed by Alastair Holland. Finn’s result was the result of the day for me.

Junior – Sam Brightman owned the category with the second fast run overall of 46.10, with a nice ding dong battle between Joe Buck who finally took second place over James Aveil.

Senior – Saw the fast time of the day with a 45.88 by Micky Boswell with only 1 second between third place Ben Deakin and Dan Downey in second place.

Masters – Only Tim Kemp managed to get under the golden 50 seconds and took the win followed by Luke Barkaway and Marcus Wildman in third.

Vets – Neil kemp took the win with Alvar Coppard second with a bit of a fight behind them with Joe Killner take third just from M Francis.

And so that was it. BIG shout out to Bling as ever, On your bike shop for being on site and helping riders out  http://www.onyourbike.com , track builders (not sure who you all are but Bling owes you a beer), marshals for help it run smoothly and the crowd (apart from the guy with the Vuvuzela who on my first run nearly gave me a heart attack as I went through the rock garden  ;)).

P.S. I went right.

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