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Author Topic: NDH Kielder Event Programme  (Read 2771 times)

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NDH Kielder Event Programme
« on: Nov 05, 2011, 20:22 »
Kielder Mass start 13 November 2011
Sign on opens at 8.00 closes at 8.30
1st uplift (15 minute ride away) departs at 9.00 Rider numbers 1-20 and 25-44 and 50-52
9.30 course open for practise
11.30 Qualifying uplift departs for riders 1-20 and 25-44 and 50-52
Juvenile / Youth Qualifying commence 12.00
Qualifying heat 1 commence 12.15
Qualifying heat 2 commence 12.30
Finals Uplift for riders 1-20 and 25-44 and 50-52 departs 1.45
Final commences 14.00
Youth & Juvenile Final commences 14.10
15.00 presentations

Please note the event programme carefully you should have plenty of time to reach your car after practise and qualification to pick up food and refreshments, however you must be self sufficient and carry your own tools, spares, hydration and necessary clothing to keep you warm.  You may have a half hour wait at the top so be prepared.  There will be baskets at the top to put any warm clothes you do not wish to race in.  I would recommend carrying an old warm jumper or coat to wear and consider taking a bin bag to keep off wind and rain!  If they do go missing you will not be gutted that you lost them!  Anything that you leave will be brought down after your race runs.

To get to the race site please you need to be at this address and please pay the parking fee....
Kielder Castle
NE48 1ER

This is the main access point for all Kielders Mountain bike trails.  You will find bike spares in the nearby bike shop aswell as public (not porta loos) toilets.  There is a cafe in Kielder castle itself this is your spot for food and refreshments.

Should you have any questions please inbox me

Regards Carl

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