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Title: MTB Company Rules
Post by: [Rob] on Nov 12, 2009, 19:54
Forum Company Rules

To qualify for “MTB Company” status on Ride.io, you must:

We welcome members of the trade on Ride.io and value their input to the forum. However we ask that companies identify themselves to an admin so they can have Company status added to their account. Company members are welcome to respond to direct questions or topics pertaining to their products and/or services, but should refrain from using Ride.io for direct promotion of their products or services without specific permission from Ride.io

Forum rules regarding company status are:
  1. Companies should not sell without our permission.
  2. Companies should not use the forum purely to advertise their services.
  3. Companies should not steer people towards their products by hijacking threads.
  4. Companies can respond to helps topics regarding their products.
  5. Companies should not advertise in their forum signature, only a company name is allowed
  6. Companies should not post new products.  Email press@ride.io and we will happily put these in the newswire section.
  7. Companies should not discuss products they distribute/sell in threads unless responding to specific questions about that product.
  8. Companies should not use genuine replies as an underhand way of promoting their items

Please help us police this by reporting any post that you feel may be going against the forum rules.

The absolute majority of all the companies using Ride.io have been a credit to themselves and their customers, and their contribution towards the community is noted and appreciated.  We invite companies to use the forums but ask to take in to consideration paying supporters of the website before posting.

If you wish to have MTB Company status, please email webmaster@ride.io.

Each MTB Company member will be dealt with on an individual basis.
Title: Re: MTB Company Rules
Post by: [Rob] on Jul 17, 2012, 12:18
If you would like a place advert on Ride.io please contact advertising@ride.io